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Meet Inverness Insurance
After working for various firms and carriers during the past 25 years, we have partnered with amazing and
experienced brokers to strengthen Inverness Insurance. Since opening our doors in 2017, we have been honored to serve you. 

About Inverness Insurance


We operate our business for our clients best interest! 

Trusted Experts - Proven Solutions

We pride ourselves on continuously retaining 97% of our clientele year after year. We believe this to be due to our passion for protecting the things which are most precious to our clients and not for the short-term sale. 


We find meaning in offering our services to individuals with pre-existing conditions so they may get the health coverage they need. It is this level of service that is common to all of our clients and allows us to retain a high percentage of clientele in a highly competitive industry. 


With us, you will always be met with the quickest and most affordable quotes. We help insure both individuals and groups, while also offering streamlined online platforms that help save you both precious time and cut back costs.

Meet Corbin 

I invite you to rely on my 23+ years of experience in Health Insurance. In addition, you are not just working with myself; but an enduring and strong brokerage firm that emphasizes benefits and superior products.
Our firm can provide a full spectrum of insurance to handle any need

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